Requesting Input from Professionals:

South Dakota Brain Injury Needs Assessment

The Center for Disabilities at the University of South Dakota, in collaboration with the South Dakota Department of Human Services, has partnered with the University of Missouri--Kansas City Institute for Human Development to conduct a statewide needs assessment. The information gathered will be used to help South Dakota develop a plan to improve services and supports for people living with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and their families. Acquired Brain Injury is any damage to the brain that happens after birth, including a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI, all ranges of severity including concussion). Your opinions and responses are very important to this effort. We anticipate it will take approximately 15 to 25 minutes to complete. Thank you for participating--we very much appreciate your time in completing this important survey.

The survey is anonymous and you will not be individually identified. Participation in the survey is voluntary and you may choose not to answer any specific questions.

If you have any questions or need help filling out this survey, you may contact Dr. Kelli N. Barton from the UMKC Institute for Human Development at (816) 235-8845 or

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